Coffee is a bit of an enigma

Coffee is a bit of an enigma. On the one hand, it’s like a miracle food that can last a really long time on your shelf. Brew up a bag you bought two years ago and chances are you won’t find yourself heaving on the ground. On the other hand, it’s just like any other fruit, and its best tastes are only available within a relatively small window of time. 

First, let’s go over what’s happening to your coffee as it ages by using a familiar example: apples. Chances are you’ve bitten into an apple and as you were eating it, a little bit of browning occurred. That’s oxidation, and the same thing that happened there is happening to your coffee beans, especially when pre-ground. Time plays the other role - the things that make coffee "sing" simply break down over time and play less and less a role in the liveliness of your cup.

Oxidation and time dull the flavors of your coffee just like it does any other food (among other factors), and thus fresh roasted coffee is going to give you the longest period of time to get the most vibrant, lively tastes. As a basic rule, we consider a coffee fresh and vibrant until around 4 to 5 weeks off roast, but some coffees can last up to two months.

3 Reasons fresh roasted coffee is better

  • Robusta has more caffeine
  • Arabica has almost twice the amount of sugar
  • Robusta has less acidity
  • Arabica has more lipids

Quick caveat: Coffee requires a little bit of rest after roasting. Most coffees require at least a few days after roast to taste their best. Thus, the best coffee isn't fresh off the roaster by any means. But, buying fresh roasted coffee gives you the maximum number of days where it tastes its best.  .

5 Tips for having the freshest, tastiest coffee

    Buy whole bean and grind fresh
  • Ground coffee has more surface area that can be oxidized. Keeping in its whole bean form for as long as possible metaphorically “locks in” freshness for longer
  • Buy canisters that block out light and air
  • Anything that’s airtight will work, and we recommended storing any glass canisters in a cabinet.
  • Push any air out of your bag when done
  • The coffee bag is a canister in its own right. To get the most out of it, roll your bag tightly when done and push out any remaining air. Our bags have a one-way valve that will aid in this effort. 
  • Have more coffee than you need? Freeze it!
  • But only for unopened bags! A lot of research has been done, and the findings show that in the proper conditions (airtight bag, no moisture inside, etc.) freezing coffee helps lock in freshness for longer. 
  • ust be sure to only do it once and while the bag is still sealed, plus bring the coffee to room temperature before opening the bag. 


No contest! If you had to choose between an Arabica bean and a Robusta bean, it's essential to always choose Arabica! Other few differences include:

  • Robusta has more caffeine
  • Arabica has almost twice the amount of sugar
  • Robusta has less acidity
  • Arabica has more lipids

But the main difference that we all care about is the fact that Arabica coffee tastes better than a cup of Robusta! Although it's more expensive, it's definitely worth it if you want to enjoy your morning cup of Joe.

 Health benefits of freshly roasted coffee

Freshly roasted coffee is not just rich in aroma and flavour but is also considered good for health. So, let’s have a look at the health benefits of freshly roasted coffee:

  • Rich in antioxidants – Health experts agree that freshly roasted beans contain a high number of antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body, causing cancer. 
  • Energy booster – A cup of freshly roasted coffee is also known as a stimulant that boosts energy whenever you feel down. 
  • Fat burner – Freshly roasted coffee beans contain caffeine which increases the metabolism to help burn fat faster even after 4 hours you have had the drink.
  • Anti-depressant – A cup of freshly roasted coffee uplifts your mood and helps combat depression. 

 How roasted should your coffee be?

 Most roasters have specialized names for their flavoured roasts. This can cause some confusion while buying but in general, there are four roast categories – light, medium, medium-dark and dark roasts. Many buyers think that the strong, rich flavour of darker roasts indicates a higher level of caffeine but the truth is that lighter roasts are high in caffeine. The bitterness will be high for medium-dark and dark roasts while the acidity will be high in light and medium roasts. The perfect roast is a personal choice that is sometimes influenced and characterized by national and geographic preferences. 

 Get the most out of your coffee

 We believe buying fresh roasted coffee is one more piece of the quality chain that starts at the farm of our producing partners. Every step in the coffee process, from picking ripe cherries to the attention to detail during processing to the roasting at our facility, either adds or subtracts to the final product in your cup. Buying fresh roasted coffee, grinding it fresh, and using sound brewing techniques completes the final chapter of this amazing story.