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In 2019, the Ahmed Hassan Bilal Trading & Contracting Co. set out to greatly enhance its coffee division. Our goal was threefold: to provide the highest quality possible, using a local specialty coffee roaster and providing all of Qatar with something of which they can be proud. Knowing customers prefer drinking freshly roasted coffee, we knew it was essential to find a high-quality source of beans, foregoing the typical model of importing preroasted coffee beans into Qatar. We set out to discover sustainable and ethical sources, and found exactly what we were looking for in several parts of Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and several other coffee producing regions. The chosen Arabica beans are single origin and non-seasonal, ensuring our quality does not change significantly between growing seasons. After performing “cupping” tests, we emerged with well-rounded cup profiles that are now very well loved by the coffee aficionados of Qatar.



Our coffee analysts work with you to deduce the requirements of your outlet. We then procure the most appropriate machinery for your use FREE
(on loan basis). We offer globally acclaimed professional machines along with full installations, service and maintenance free of cost. Starting from traditional style coffee machines to one touch super-automatic machines, we provide it all while keeping in mind your budget and the style of coffee you want to serve. Our motto remains to serve perfection in every cup and we maintain the highest levels of the same. Changing the perception of what Qatar roasted coffee can be, one cup at a time.

Wholesale suppliers of 100% Arabica coffee beans. The roast profile can be customized as per client preference.

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